Broken Lantern Tattoo fosters an environment for creativity and growth. We encourage our artist to travel to tattoo expos and conventions to interact with industry heavy hitters, see the latest in tattoo technology, and keep our fingers on the pulse of tattooing. This is where we will continually update our artist travel dates and schedules so that if you are in the area you can stop by and get a piece done or say hey. If you would like to book a time slot with one of our artists at the convention just give us a call here at the shop 843-637-4999

******************************** Glenn Collins *DC Tattoo Expo January 11th-13 *Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention February 15–17 *Hampton Roads Tattoo Festival March 22-24 *The All American Tattoo Convention (Fayetteville, NC) April 12-14 *Savannah Tattoo Festival May 17-19 *Virginia Beach Tattoo Expo August 9-11 Chris Jones *DC Tattoo Expo January 11th-13 *The All American Tattoo Convention (Fayetteville, NC) April 12-14

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