After months of preparation our event has finally arrived! “The Very Best Fest” is taking place this Sunday October 8th starting at 11am. We will be hosting some of Charleston’s top gaming and collectible dealers as well as some of the best food trucks in the city! Parking will be available at Iron Bridge Crossfit, Sires Solutions and A.C. heating & Air Conditioning Service. All are located a very short walk from the event. If you are parking at Sires Solutions please make sure to not block their storage gate. These businesses are doing us an incredible favor by allowing us to use their space so please be respectful. You can also park on the shoulder of the road at your own discretion just please do not block traffic. Car pooling or ridesharing is encouraged. Tattoos will be first come first served, we will be using a ticket system so you will not have to wait in line, we will simply call your number when we are ready (that way you can enjoy the event). We will have a complimentary gaming trailer as well as some arcade cabinets for your enjoyment. We will have tattoo flash deals available starting at 60 dollars (the shop minimum is typically 100). There will be a ton of flash to choose from, if there is a design you would like specifically that is not part of our flash we will do our best to accommodate as long as it doesn’t take a lot of time to prepare. If you come dressed up for your tattoo you may also receive an additional discount :). The cosplay contest will take place at 1pm where you will have the opportunity to win Broken Lantern gift certificates as well as prizes from our vendors. This is a family friendly event, just please note that everyone in the tattoo studio will need to be 18 and over. If you have any questions at all you can reach us via email or give the shop a call 843-637-4999. We look forward to seeing you!

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