We have managed to win Charleston’s best tattoo Parlor Again! We are very proud of the team we have not only put together but kept together here at Broken Lantern Tattoo. We love this group of well rounded artist and what they bring to the shop day in and day out. We have been on a run with winning this award, but we do not take it for granted. It is an absolute honor to receive these types of acknowledments as the contest are completely motivated by you, the people we serve and those that get to call this incredible city home. It is truly humbling that our clients and Charleston have decided to support us in such a fantastic way. Our team at Broken Lantern would like to extend our deepest thanks not just for the recognition, but also for choosing us to tattoo you! We will continue putting forth the effort to make this the best tattoo shop possible, and passing that experience on to you to give you the best tattoo possible. We have the opportunity to serve the best clients, in the best city and are thankful for it everyday. We would not exist without you so one again thank you! We look forward to continuing to grow and create with you. We absolutely love you!

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