We are very proud of the team of artists we have managed to put together here at Broken Lantern Tattoo, with a solid and well rounded group of tattoo artists and building off the momentum of winning Charleston’s Best Tattoo Parlor last year, we have managed to repeat this year! In the past two years we have been recognized as the best Tattoo shop twice and one of our artist’s (Glenn Collins) has been recognized as Charleston’s best tattoo artist.  It is an incredible honor to receive these types of acknowledgments as these contests are run completely by you, the population of this amazing city we call home. We are humbled that our clients and Charleston have decided to support us. Our team at Broken Lantern wants to thank you for appreciating the effort we put into making this the best tattoo shop possible, passing that experience on to you to give you the best tattoo possible. We can not thank you enough for recognizing us as the best tattoo shop, in the best city, with the best clients. We are nothing without you and we look forward to continuing to grow with you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Stay happy, Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, We love you!

We would also like to congratulate Brandy, who won our $250 dollar gift certificate! Thank you for voting for us!

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