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Kevin Cutter

 I started my apprenticeship in the early 90's, in a small town called Ocean Isle, NC. After two years there, i moved to Jacksonville FL, to work with the one and only Rahbe West, at Westside Tattoo. After a few years with Rahbe, I joined Billy Easton and Crew, at Red Dragon Tattoo in Richmond, VA, and started working conventions. While at Red Dragon  and working conventions, I became friends with Tony Olivas and decided to leave the great state of Virginia to go to work at Sacred Heart in ATL, GA. After a short stay in Georgia, the ocean started calling and I returned to the sunshine state. Back in Florida I went to work with Lance McCloud, at Devotion in Orlando. Then I was offered a position at the world famous, Ink Smith and Roggers, which I jumped on. I stayed in Jacksonville at Ink Smith and Roggers, until I had the opportunity to return home to Charleston, SC.

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