About Glenn Collins

I have been tattooing since roughly 2002. I have been tattooing here in Charleston, S.C. since 2007. I find that I work best, and my clients are the happiest, when I am given an artistic freedom to create for them on the subject matter that they want. This is what I do for a living and I make sure to give everyone my 100%. I put an immense amount of time and energy into research and creating a tattoo for a client. Most of the time when people are setting an appointment with me, it's about a month's wait. With patience, I will be able to get to you at my next available date and time. For anybody not willing to wait, we Do have other artists available and I have confidence that they will be able to assist you. You may check them out here, under "Artists". I Do recommend that if you were referred to Me, that you may want to wait, so that you can get the same great experience and quality that the person who referred you did. The best way to get in contact with me would be to stop by the shop. I very rarely get a chance to chat on the phone or answer emails, because when I am at work, I am more than likely in the middle of a tattoo that someone is paying good money for. I want to offer them the same respect that I would to you, therefore I give them my full attention.I mostly love to tattoo stylized Japanese, traditional Japanese, American traditional, biomechanical, flowers and duh, SKULLS!!. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you have an AMAZING day!

About Nick Rose

My name is Nick Rose. I've been a Professional Tattooist since 2007. Im from Northern Virginia just outside of DC. My career in tattoos started after graduating from VCU in 2006 with a Bachelors in Fine Art. After doing freelance artwork and odd jobs for a few months, I decided to look into tattooing. My strong portfolio and solid work ethic was enough for an apprenticeship at All American tattoo in Stafford, VA. I learned all the ins and outs of the industry, equipment, and most importantly, the importance of sterilization and health standards in a Tattoo environment. I started tattooing about six months into my apprenticeship under the supervision of Ryan Curran. Within a year, I was tattooing full time at All American and was licensed by the state board as a Professional Tattoo Artist. I stayed at all american until an opportunity arose for me to work at Exposed Temptations in Manassas, Virginia. There I got to fine tune my skills and work with great artists from around the world. I stayed at Exposed until 2014 when I decided to move south to a slower paced life. I moved to Fredericksburg Virginia and joined the crew of the Bowery Tattoo Company.  Here I got to focus on my own personal style and technique. At the Bowery I got to build close friendships with both coworkers and clients alike. Now, I'm excited to be moving down south (a little further this time) and relocating to Charleston, South Carolina! I have experience in all styles of tattooing but my passion lies in bright and bold American traditional tattoos. I love American traditional tattoos that stand the test of time through the use of bold lines, heavy black shading, and bright bold colors! I'm looking forward to planting my roots in Charleston and of course meeting all of you!  And I'm beyond stoked to be working with such a solid crew here at broken lantern tattoo!

About Chris Jones

Chris Jones has been tattooing since 2011. Being Active Duty Navy, he has had the privilege of tattooing all over the world. He specializes in American Traditional, Watercolor, Dot work, and color tattoos. There is no project too big or too small. Chris will work with the budget you have to give you the best tattoo possible! Come in and check out his work, he would love to collaborate with you and make your tattoo dreams come true.

About Shane Watkins

Shane Watkins is a multi talented award winning artist of more than 20 years and counting. He enjoys every aspect of tattooing, whether it's black and grey or color, photo realism or impressionistic, he can help you reach your goal. Some of his clientele range from professional wrestlers like Jeff Hardy and Shawn Michaels to sports figures like MLB player Nick Swisher and others from the New York Yankees. He has won many awards and been published in numerous magazines. He enjoys collaboration between the customer and himself in order to achieve the perfectly personalized tattoo just for you. He usually has a wait for custom designs, if you don't mind going through the creative process in order to have a custom tattoo, he will be pleased to help you.

About Isiah R. Kinloch Jr